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Language Services in Japan

With offices in Tokyo and Kobe, Language Resources provides a variety of quality language services including:

  • Technical Translation from and into English, Japanese, Chinese and many other languages
  • Corporate Language Training for Japanese and ex-pat business people
  • Teacher Training (Cambridge University CELTA courses).

From its inception, Language Resources' philosophy has been to offer our clients language services of superior quality, equal to and surpassing any international standards of professionalism. Our clients are virtually all repeat customers who regard us as their one-stop provider of language services.

Our mission is to provide our clients with high quality translation and training at reasonable prices; to provide our staff with a professional working environment and, to the extent that we can, improve standards within the industry.

An Outline of Language Resources

Since 1981, Language Resources has provided English and Japanese language training and translation services to many of Japan's leading companies and foreign affiliates.

Started by Geoff Rupp, a highly experienced and qualified Applied Linguist, Language Resources was among the first in Japan to introduce the concept of needs-based training with our SPEC (Special Purpose English Courses). We rapidly found our services appealed to a wide variety of clients in the steel, pharmaceutical, shipping, financial services, hotel and many other industries.

Courses include English for Presentations, English for Business Negotiations, English for Meetings, International Conferences, Socialising, Telephoning, Business Correspondence, Overseas Study, Plant Inspections and many more - each tailored to the client's specific training needs.

Our Clients

Starting with our head office in Kobe, western Japan, we added our Tokyo office in 1989 and now our training and translation services are provided to clients from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Our language trainees have ranged from technicians in steel and automobile factories to senior management in the financial services areas, with an accordingly wide variation in training needs. Large-scale training projects include the training of over 15O technicians sent to North America as part of a major joint-venture between US and Japanese auto manufacturers, the planning, design and total implementation of the English language training program for an American university established in Japan and the training of 450 new employees of an international hotel in Osaka and Nagoya.

Clients have included: Kobe Steel, Suzuki Motors (joint venture with General Motors), Toyota, Sanwa Bank, NYK Line, British Insurance Group, Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals, Pioneer Electronics, Siemens-Asahi, Kubota, Ebara, Nabco, Marine & Fire Association of Japan, Takeda Chemical Industries, Japan Management Association, American President Lines, Hilton Hotels, Union Bank of Switzerland, Procter & Gamble, Nihon Medi-Physics, Tokio Marine, AIG, Nippon Cargo Airlines, New Otani, Jewel Trade Center and Nippon Business School.

Trainer Qualifications

To ensure quality services all language trainers possess specialised language training qualifications such as the RSA CELTA/D-TEFLA, or Masters degrees in ELT or similar. All translators are highly experienced in their fields of specialisation.

Technical Translation

We provide the highest quality technical translations from and into most languages but especially Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. We can handle virtually all types of documents, and have particular expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, as well as computers, electronics, engineering and environmental issues.


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