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Supporting Global Management Potential

Working across international and cultural boundaries can be difficult. Developing overseas markets, international joint ventures, alliances, mergers and acquisitions all present organisations with a major challenge - how to ensure that there are enough people with the right talents able to work and manage effectively across national and cultural divides. Those who are effective in a familiar domestic environment may be much less successful when working with people in a different cultural setting.

A Development Centre Approach to International Management Assessment

The International Management Assessment (IMA) is a development centre tool designed to assist organisations in the identification and preparation of candidates for international assignments. It can be used at an early stage in a person's career to identify their potential for an international role, thus helping to create a talent pool of future international managers. Or it can be used as a diagnostic tool to assist in the preparation of people for specific assignments.

  • On what basis are people selected and prepared for international assignments?
  • How do you identify people who are more likely to succeed in a particular foreign posting?
  • How can you assess the strengths and weaknesses of different candidates for international assignments?
  • Are some people more suitable for certain parts of the world than others?
  • How do you decide on appropriate training and development to prepare candidates for future international management positions?

The answer to many of these questions can be provided by the International Management Assessment (IMA) developed by LTS Training & Consulting in conjunction with Théry International Management (TIM) in France. The IMA uses the assessment centre approach to assist organisations in the preparation for international assignments qualitatively, or as a diagnostic tool in preparation of people for specific assignments. It takes one complete day, consisting of simulations, role plays, case studies, in-basket exercises, group discussions and an in-depth structured interview. After careful analysis by the IMA consultants, detailed confidential feedback is given both to the individual participants and to the organisation's international mobility manager or HR management.

Why use the IMA?

  • average expatriate failure rates of 20 - 30%
  • the cost of a failed assignment can be more the 1 million
  • over 60% of companies surveyed had experienced an expatriate failure

The benefits of the IMA

  • it assists in the identification of potential and future international managers
  • it helps in managing the career development of those identified as future international managers
  • it aids in the selection or confirmation of candidates for specific overseas assignments
  • it acts as a diagnostic tool to define areas for training and development
  • it helps the company protect its investment in key personnel.

International Management Assessment Presentation

International Recruitment Support - The Global Manager Selector

We do not offer recruitment or head-hunting services, as this is a specialised field and there are an abundance of providers in the market. On request, however, we will refer clients to local recruitment agencies appropriate for the international task.

As most companies and most recruitment agencies are not trained to evaluate the cross-cultural aspect of job assignments, we do offer a second opinion recruitment service where clients are recruiting for international assignments. Short-listed candidates may be suitable for high profile positions from a job description against experience point of view, but often client companies do not have the tools to assess how well a candidate will do in a specific international situation. It has been shown that most psychometric tests are not reliable in this respect, as they are rarely designed with the target culture in mind.

What we offer is a "second opinion interview", ideally in combination with the International Profiler or other similar assessment. The International Profiler gives a normed result, whereas the interviewer can assess the candidate's actual interaction in a live situation based on cross-cultural parameters. Alternatively where there are 4 candidates and the position is high profile we would recommend IMA, as IMA includes a 1 hour one-to-one interview per candidate which can be adjusted to the particular position requirement. Either way, this offers clients a different angle to their own assessment, specifically with a view on how the candidate(s) will be able to meet the requirements of the position from an intercultural perspective.

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