"Everything comes from the generation of odd and even" (Plato)

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We offer workshops which are designed to particular objectives, taking into account:

¨     specific client needs and project  (overall training objectives)
¨     participants’ profiles (adaptability, interviews, job functions)
¨     target  countries / cultures involved (against client corporate culture)

    Generally workshops tend to focus on ‘deep culture’, i.e. on cultural issues beyond surface artefacts.  ‘Surface culture’ is concerned with behaviour, do’s and don’ts, etiquette, understanding of history, geography and economic make-up, simple explanations and anecdotes, often information available in books or cultural briefing courses, i.e. information about culture.  ‘Deep culture’ looks below the tip of the iceberg at what is more latent, what is less obvious and more difficult to articulate, and at the skills needed when dealing with diverse cultures.  This may include beliefs, values, shared world views, rituals, principles of expression, interaction rules, communication styles, dealing with dilemmas, business practices, and modes of perception, hence issues which are less easy to formulate in a quantifiable body of knowledge and which require actual experience for a full understanding. 

Our workshops are not briefings or lectures about culture, but rather intensive experiential activities fully involving participants in order to create conditions for them to experience, and hence understand at a deeper level, different cultural dimensions, and to facilitate their learning in finding solutions to difficult situations.  Workshop leaders or trainers are not lecturers, but rather mentors, counsellors, coaches or facilitators who help participants in their own exploration and learning.  This involves team building and group work with debriefing discussions.   Sample activities in culture-generic workshops may include: 

v  Perception: examining the relationship between perception and values
v  Value Orientations - exploring one's and others' value systems
v  Observation:  Observation skills as distinct from evaluation
v  Critical Incidents: Discussion on expected reaction of diverse cultures in mini scenarios
v Models to understanding cultural differences (5-D, 7-D, left & right, audio-tactile & visual etc.)
v Simulations & Role-plays around business decision-making and negotiation, process-mapping
v  Conflict Resolution: ways to mediate conflicts from intercultural point of view
v  Communication: Rules and roles, messages & media, hot & cool, analogue & digital
v  Organisations: organising principles – O-type and M-type structures, ‘glocal mesh’ issues
v  Process Consulting in small groups, small group discussions

v  Team-building activities, situation-specific case studies, and action research tasks

All our workshops are business specific and have a strong team coaching component. Speaking a common language such as English does not by itself guarantee effective communication. It is also important to be aware of the different behaviour, attitudes and values of people from different cultures.


Areas of training or consultancy may include:

  • General  Cross-cultural  Awareness  Training
  • Intercultural  Team-building
  • Cross-cultural  Conflict  Resolution / Prevention
  • Partnerships / Joint-Venture  Relationship  Management
  • Transcultural  Negotiations  &  Meetings
  • Multicultural  Decision-making  Processes
  • Eastern  &  Western  Business  Styles / Values
  • Multicultural  Strategy  Planning
  • Technology  Transfer  Management
  • Managing/Leadership  across  Cultures
  • Overseas  Operations  Turnarounds
  • Corporate  Culture  across  Cultures
  • Culture  Shock  Management  Counselling
  • Effective global Virtual Working (teams)
  • Cross-company global competencies development

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Courses are tailor-made and scheduled to meet client needs. We are occasionally asked about public courses to which companies can send a individual employees.


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