"Everything comes from the generation of odd and even" (Plato)

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Bridge Building Across Cultures

There are various ways of bridging gaps in cross-cultural encounters. Naturally translation and interpretation is a way of bridging language gaps. And applying the give a man a fish feed for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for a life-time approach, then language learning is obviously a step in the right direction. By the same toke intercultural training offers a great way for people to learn culture bridging skills. There are also times when relationships sour where a 'go-between' is needed, and rather than going to the extreme and recurring to the law, a more constructive approach would be Conflict Resolution and Mediation.


Conflict Resolution and Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is facilitated negotiation through a third party.

It is a quick, inexpensive and private way of settling commercial conflicts from small amounts to ones worth millions of pounds.

The mediator acts as a neutral chairman, clarifying arguments, focusing the participants on the REAL issues, and guiding those in dispute to a mutually acceptable solution.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Quick
  • Private
  • "Without prejudice"
  • Reduces stress
  • Flexible
  • High success rate
  • Win / win
  • Positive relationships


In this day of globalisation it is important to be able to 'localise': both products and services have to be made palatable to 'local' tastes and values, and so do the communication channels. With on-line transactions increasing this means localising software, web-site and web-based solutions to local practices and systems. With differences in fonts and operating systems, for instance, this can be quite a daunting task.

Our associates' localisation services help you produce high-quality multilingual websites and localised software in a cost-effective way and on a limited time scale. The service covers a large variety of languages and provides language technology solutions to a wide variety of potential application areas.

Localisation of web-sites, for instance, involves both translation, local copy-writing and a range of technical and cultural issues:

  • fonts and page orientation
  • variations in dialogue boxes & field lengths
  • symbolic significance of colours, icons, graphics
  • weights, measures, date, time, number & currency formats
  • search engine issues (keywords, descriptions)
  • legal issues, local law compliance
  • company names and straplines
  • software issues that supports all above

Which languages should you 'localise' in? Obviously that depends on your target market, but for an overview of the on-line population by language around the world see: Online Language Populations


Our associates provide a comprehensive range of specialist translation services in manuals, reports, brochures, advertising copy, management, contracts for clients from all areas of international business - legal, financial, marketing, scientific, technical, commercial. Through glossary management systems a cost-efficient translation service can be provided.

Our associates maintain an extensive database of field experts for most languages of the world, and through technology it is possible to employ the most suitable translator for any assignment no matter where he/she is.


Whether simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, our associates will first determine what your precise needs are and then provide the right specialist for the job, whether conference, negotiations, facility tours, technology transfer training or other events.


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