"Everything comes from the generation of odd and even" (Plato)

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q       Do you really understand international customers’ needs?
q       Do your international sales and costs match your expectations?
q       Do your communications really deliver the message?
q       Are misunderstandings causing avoidable problems and wasting time?
q       Do you always believe what your overseas agents claim?
q       Are your international operations well synchronised?
q       Are your travelling and expatriation costs giving the desired returns?
q       Are your multi-lingual communications effective & cost-efficient?

If all your answers are yes, then you need read no further. If, however, you had a few no's and especially you are keen to develop and grow your international markets, then we can help. For more information on international business development click the international growth page.

On the other hand, if many of your answers were no's, or worse still you are losing substantial amounts of invested money or cannot seem to penetrate some overseas markets, then you probably need our Turnaround services.

Turnaround Services

The objectives of our Turnaround operation is either, rarely, to shut the loss-making operations down if we find they have no real future potential, in order to stop the bleeding, or, more commonly, to turn them around completely into high profit and high growth operations.


In international operations there could be a thousand different reasons why operations are not running smoothly. In order to turn them around we first need to establish very quickly what the sources of the problems are. We always start by doing an initial audit or analysis of the situation. This may include looking at any of these aspects: value clashes, communication, language, motivation, misunderstandings, culture clashes, marketing taboos, product incompatibilities, not understanding customers, vision, mission, strategy, balance sheet, profitability, cash flow, financial planning, human resources policies, SWOT analysis, core competences, success & failure factors, process improvements, group dynamics, innovation and competition.

Using the pareto 20-80 rule our approach is to find the most important issues very quickly first in order to be able to address them as soon as possible. So our initial audit will be short, cost-effective and approximate, enough to be able to tackle the main issues. As soon as the main issues are clear we will help you address them, in order to instigate an immediate remedies and create a turnaround momentum.


The solutions we help you implement could range in a whole number of different services: coaching, training, creativity, self-managed groups, change management, localisation, recruitment, reorganisation, mergers, refinancing, legal support, etc.. These cannot be predicted in advance, since they will depend on our initial findings. Our aim, however, is not to implement them ourselves (although we may do so in the early days just to get the turnaround ball rolling), but far more importantly to show you and all involved how to reframe the required changes and put them in place yourselves.

We believe in the basic "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day - teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime" principle. So while part of our work may involve pointing in different directions or introducing you to relevant local suppliers, the thrust of our work is to empower all in the business with the right beliefs, attitude and skills so that they can find their own powerful solutions. So a strong part of what we do consists of delivering a forceful training and development programme designed to your unique situation.

Development and Innovation

The tailor-made development and coaching programme can be conducted in various parts of the world depending on the geographical requirements, and in various languages following local customs. The programme may consist of various approaches:

  • Group Coaching
  • Training and Workshop sessions (esp cross-cultural issues)
  • Simulation and Process Mapping
  • Kaizen (continuous improvement) meetings
  • Individual Coaching
  • Self-managed learning tasks

Apart from turning operations around through coaching designed to unleash the power within each individual and the group as a whole, another strong aspect we normally focus on is innovation and change. Constant rejuvenation is vital to enable the business to grow beyond its current limits, grow beyond its competitors and develop new contributions that will ensure longer and healthier prosperity for the business and all its stakeholders. Without cultivating a culture of innovation the business goes into entropy, stagnates and withers. So our approach is not only to implement empowering problem solving skills, but also to regenerate innovative forces.

Finally an aspect which is the sine qua non of any organisation is customer care and customer satisfaction. Customers are an organisation's life blood. Yet in international business, because 'foreign' clients have "strange" requests and expectations, it is easy to neglect or mistreat them, often inadvertently. Our aim is to instil a pan-organisation total customer care spirit, where the whole organisation is involved in nurturing their customers, their life blood, whereever they may be.


Each turnaround situation is different. In some situations we may temporarily take over the running of the business to set the turnaround momentum going, in others we will just play a minor role but achieve change through our empowering group development and coaching programme. In all cases our aim is to move on, leaving the business to run itself and achieve new heights through an empowered workforce.


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