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The mission of Transcultural Synergy is to provide corporate clients with the highest quality of intercultural diversity management consultancy by cultivating long-term partnerships with our clients and providing them with a comprehensive package of intercultural services tailored to their organisational needs.  We aim to assist clients realise within their businesses some basic beliefs that people of cultural diversity can work effectively, positively and innovatively together. This should enable them to maximise their international effeciency and promote the opportunities presented by their global and multicultural work force; thereby adding value to their international human resources & customer relations and enhancing their global competitive edge.


Transcultural Synergy is a network of intercultural management consultants and trainers working in various parts of the world, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, U.S.A., Canada, England, Germany, France and Switzerland.  Associates are professionals in intercultural communications, training and consulting, involved as management consultants, negotiators, human resource professionals, trainers, curriculum designers, researchers and business communication consultants.  These multicultural and multilingual professionals are committed to delivering the highest level of intercultural expertise to clients’ projects. 


Depending on the clients’ individual needs appropriate consultants will be assigned according to required speciality in terms of industry, cultures and objectives.  Transcultural Synergy assists businesses who are dealing in the global marketplace with matters arising from different cultural paradigms, by providing knowledge and raising awareness of the value systems behind them, with a special emphasis on the skills necessary to succeed in business across cultures.


Our Aims


Transcultural Synergy's long term vision is to develop teams of diverse interdisciplinary and international experts in strategic locations around the globe whose purpose it is to work together synergistically to help forward-looking commercial groups and organisations grow and achieve high potential through international people management support. This can be for:

- existing larger global corporations forming global mergers and alliances, by facilitating human and organisational integration through intercultural understanding and synergy. Or

- emerging technologies and 'new economy' international companies, combining global skills, SME commercial & management skills and venture capital input.


In either case our focus is people in an intercultural context, not only within a client organisation, but also externally with its customers.  We do this because we believe it is the people in the end who are going make the contributing difference between competing organisations in the future.



About Our Consultants


Consultants and associates are part of our international network. They are professionals in intrercultural communications, training and consulting, involved as management consultants, human resource professionals, curriculum designers, researchers and business communications trainers.


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Ø      About the Founder        


......Transcultural Synergy was founded by François Knuchel in 1998 with the purpose of assisting European and Asian corporate clients with effective intercultural management solutions to their international operations.  François Knuchel draws on a wealth of experience as an intercultural management consultant, trainer and curriculum designer, with over 20 years’ experience working with international executives, managers and directors, mainly in Japan.

      Born in the UK in 1953, François Knuchel was educated in England and Switzerland, studied history and linguistics at Basel University and has a B.A. in Intercultural Communications with Great Distinction from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  After a year at the Federal Polytechnic University in Zurich and extensive travels to different continents, he settled in Kobe, Japan, as a business communications consultant.

      At L.R. Ltd in Kobe, Japan, François Knuchel was Personnel Manager, Project Manager, General Manager (Branch) and Executive Director, and he set up new branch offices in Nagoya and Tokyo.  As an intercultural consultant and trainer he helped numerous large multi-national corporations in Japan with their globalisation and integration processes.  Clients included Kobe Steel (Kobelco), Toyota, Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals, Pioneer, Nabco, Ebara, Hilton Hotel, Tokio Marine, AIG, Marine & Fire Insurance Association of Japan, UBS, Sanwa Bank and the Japan Management Association.  François Knuchel was involved in SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training And Research) and was Public Relations Director of SIETAR-Japan in 1993 – 4 (see Our Links for more infomation on SIETAR).


      Seconded as Project Manager to Management & Communications Consultants Ltd for over 2 years at Suzuki Motors’ head office and main car plant, François Knuchel headed a team of training specialists to assist Suzuki in their major Technology Transfer of manufacturing and management know-how to the GM-Suzuki joint-venture plant, CAMI, in Canada.  Being totally integrated within the Suzuki team, he became intimately familiar with Japanese management styles and principles, such as TQC, JIT & Kaizen, and the way Japanese corporations work;  along the way he became an ‘expert’ in Japanese lean automotive manufacturing processes.


      In 1994, after over twelve years in Japan, Mr Knuchel returned to Europe and joined Dzus Fastener Europe Ltd in the UK as Sales Manager for Japan with the task of developing the business and expanding sales in Japan.  After the acquisition of Dzus by McKechnie plc in 1996 he became Regional Manager for Asia-Pacific, overall responsible for all marketing, sales and operations from Australia to China and India. He is fluent in English, German (Swiss German), French and can conduct business in Japanese.


He founded Transcultural Synergy in 1998, but has been considerably involved as an independent consultant in strategy and international marketing, as a member of the Confederation of Business Strategists.  In 2000 he co-founded Route 2 Solutions, a sales & marketing group assisting foreign companies develop and penetrate market and grow their businesses the the UK, and Route 2 Business Beyond Borders assisting UK based companies develop or expand international business.  One of his key interests is in cross-border alliances and the integration of international personnel from different cultural backgrounds, and he is currently preparing some research on some of the key issues companies in such mergers and alliances have faced.


In short, Francois Knuchel is a resourceful Intercultural Consultant with General Management experience in various markets and industries (esp engineering, automotive, electronics, services), strong in marketing, customer relations and global trade. A versatile leader & entrepreneurial strategist with analytic & synthesis skills well versed in globalisation issues. Diplomatic & holistic in approach, a perceptive planner, a determined co-ordinator and a creative problem-solver crossing borders, disciplines & functions.

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My Mission

My long-term vision is to develop teams of diverse interdisciplinary and international experts whose purpose it is to help organisations around the globe achieve integration of alliances through intercultural understanding and team problem-solving, and to facilitate human and organisational synergy and growth, with a special focus on Total Customer Experience. This can happen at two levels:

a) for existing larger global corporations forming mergers and alliances, and

b) for the emerging technologies and 21st century international start up companies, requiring both general management as well as international marketing support.




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