Do you need international problem-solving teams to define solutions across borders?

Effective multi-cultural teams can be a very efficient way of dealing with a variety international strategic and operational issues for global businesses. Often they too, however, need to refer a number of specialities, often in different countries. For instance a certain international project may need to solve a legal issue in several countries, whereby the legal aspect is interpreted in completely different ways in each of those countries. So legal experts from all those countries have to brought into the team. The project may require a number of other local specialities. Although these specialists may normally not have to work in an international setting with multi-cultural problem-solving tasks, this project may put higher demands on them.

It is therefore also necessary to be able to build inter-disciplinary teams, that is teams consisting of experts from very different specialities, each with its own jargon and way of operating. What is required here are multi-professional team building skills. And for international projects this can be a combination of both multiple cultures and multiple disciplines.

This requires team formation, team building and team problem-solving competence at both the multi-cultural as well as an interdisciplinary level. Issues, competencies or tasks that may need addressing further are:

For details on how this may relate to your organisation's objectives or needs, you may need to refer to an intercultural management specialist. For more information you may wish to contact us.



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