Are you creating / reviewing or implementing a transnational strategy or global leadership?

Boardrooms often develop strategies across borders, that is strategies and organisations that go well beyond a domestic level. Consequently managers have to have a proper understanding of the various international factors which are going to affect the effectiveness of a given strategy. Indeed the strategy itself needs to take all these factors into consideration in the first place.

It is hence increasingly important for companies to think globally. Larger companies are tackling the issues, for example, by gradually moving away from a home base (headquarters), which is normally ‘national’ (by definition), to transnational structures (centres of excellence) containing a mix of different cultures and which are not bound by the particular culture they operate in.

When developing or implementing an international strategy there are a huge number of factors that need to be taken into consideration on the human resources front. Some of the factors, issues or competencies that may need to be investigated are:

For details on how this may relate to your organisation's objectives or needs, you may need to refer to an intercultural management specialist. For more information you may wish to contact us.



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