"What are the Key Barriers to Effective Cooperation within Organisations?"

If you are frustrated by unnecessary conflict and hurdles to effective cooperation in your organisation, if you are looking for inspiration to break through communication barriers, or if you simply want to create a team spirit across the organisation, then this article may have some useful information for you.

Because of major restructurings, such as reorganisations, downsizing, mergers, joint ventures, or alliances, many organisations find that their people are not working coherently together. Companies are loosing clients, loosing key talent or failing to sustain competitive advantage, due to poor cross-functional communications, internal conflicts, misunderstandings and stress, or because of poor working relations across borders.

Not only does the article look at some the hurdles that can contribute to poor cooperation, but it also shows how organisations can generate greater cooperation and innovation across boundaries by bridging cultural gaps to increase communication and raise productivity. The article reveals:

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