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"Everything comes from the generation of odd and even" (Plato)

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About  Synergy Associates

Synergy Associates is a network of intercultural management consultants and trainers (individuals) working in various parts of the world, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, U.S.A., Canada, England, Germany, France and Switzerland.  Associates are professionals in intercultural communications, training and consulting, involved as management consultants, negotiators, human resource professionals, trainers, curriculum designers, researchers and business communication consultants.  These multicultural and multilingual professionals are committed to delivering the highest level of intercultural expertise to clients’ projects.

Synergy Associates represents a network of high quality specialist providers (companies) throughout Europe offering niche services relating to international management and communication.

Depending on clients' individual needs the most appropriate providers or consultants are assigned according to required speciality and personality in terms of industry, cultures and objectives. Synergy Associates assist businesses who are dealing in the global marketplace with matters arising from different cultural paradigms, by providing knowledge and raising awareness of the value systems behind them, with a special emphasis on the skills necessary to succeed in business across cultures.

The central office is based in West London, with a second office planned in Europe. As the company grows it is envisioned to have offices in strategic locations in different parts of the world. However, in the initial stages international operations will be handled through strategic alliances with like-minded consultancies around the world.

Ultimately we would like to contribute to world peace by creating conditions where people of different orientations can understand and work with each other. We do not believe this can be done through governments or nations, since these have their own interests to protect. We believe that global trading and international business offer a potential avenue for peace. However we also need to listen to the anti-globalisation voices, which are really a form of protest against the imposition of certain types of capitalism on other people. If true peace and global trade are to be achieved, then a more balanced (less Western) approach to trade will have to take place. Our aim is to contribute to this process at profounder level long-term.

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