"Everything comes from the generation of odd and even" (Plato)

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Our mission is to provide you, our corporate clients, with the highest quality of intercultural management consultancy and training services by cultivating long-term partnerships with you, and providing you with a comprehensive package of integrated intercultural services tailored to your organisational needs. We aim to assist you realise within your business some fundamental beliefs about people of cultural diversity working effectively, positively and innovatively together. This should enable you to maximise your international effectiveness and promote the opportunities presented by your global and multicultural work force, adding value to your international human resources & customer relations and enhancing your global competitive edge.

We will strive to maintain financial balance, creating high value to our clients at reasonable cost. Initial focus will be development in the UK and European markets, with a view on inter-European or Eurasian alliances, but gradually we will expand to include an Asian and North American customer base. We will strive to be an excellent place to work, a professional environment that is challenging, rewarding, creative, and respectful of ideas and individuals. Ultimately our aim is to provide excellent value to our customers and a fair reward for our staff.


Our long term vision is to develop teams of diverse interdisciplinary and international experts in strategic locations around the globe whose purpose it is to work together synergistically to help forward-looking commercial groups and organisations grow and achieve high potential through international people management support. This can be achieved at two levels:

  • for existing larger global corporations forming global alliances and transnational organisations, by facilitating human and organisational integration through intercultural understanding and synergy. Or
  • for emerging technologies and 'new economy' international companies of 21st century, combining global skills, SME commercial & management skills and venture capital input.

In either case our focus is people in an intercultural context, not only within our client organisation, but also externally with their customers. We do this because we believe it is the people in the end (rather than technology, marketing or finance) who are going make the contributing difference to success between organisations in the future.

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