International Mergers & Alliances: Intercultural Integration


While working from a generic intercultural background, we specialise in post merger integration issues arising in cross-border acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our aim is to maximise human potential in transnational collaboration.  We also assist companies solve cross-cultural challenges in international transfers, expatriation and general global mobility issues, as well as in multi-national marketing and business development. Our particular strengths are working with European and Asian (particularly Japanese) companies seeking a better understanding of their stakeholders (esp. clients & staff) arising from corporate and national cultural differences.


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Are your international operations running smoothly?


Are you developing or expanding international markets or operations?

Are cultural misinterpretations hampering the completion of complex international projects?

Are you creating/reviewing or implementing a transnational strategy or global leadership?

Do you need to manage ‘virtual’ personnel around the world competently and effectively?

Are you trying to enhance the performance of your multi-cultural teams across cultures?

Are you managing intercultural alliances or need to turn around overseas operations?

Do you need international problem-solving teams to define solutions across borders?

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