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We work with managers who are striving to create effective cooperation and synergy within their organisations. We help them break through communication barriers, inspire action beyond boundaries and build a customer-oriented team spirit across their organisations.


These days, due to major restructurings, such as reorganisations, downsizing, re-engineering, mergers, joint ventures, alliances or other forms of change, many organisations find that their people are not working coherently together. Companies are loosing clients, loosing key talent or failing to achieve and sustain competitive advantage, because of poor communications, internal politics, cross-functional conflicts, misunderstandings and stress, or because of poor working relations across various boundaries.


As a result of poor communication and cooperation across organisations, many businesses and institutions face challenges such as:

  • Poor productivity
  • Not achieving objectives
  • Inertia and lack of innovation
  • Conflict and misunderstandings
  • High staff attrition and low morale


We work with managers who are frustrated by conflict and hurdles to effective cooperation in their organisations. We help them break through communication barriers, inspire action beyond borders and build a synergistic customer-focussed team spirit across their organisations. We help people tap into collective wisdom to convert conflict into innovative energy

On one hand we help diverse teams become more effective and develop world class teams working across borders. On the other hand we help people and groups bridge the gaps in communication between teams, functions, departments, corporate cultures (in alliances, JVs etc) and national cultures (in global business). By focussing on the gaps we help prevent good work done within teams, departments etc. being lost or dissipated by gaps in communication and misunderstandings between groups, teams, etc., and instead tap into collective wisdom to unleash synergy within the organisation.

We help the managers create an empowering, productive and innovative environment, which is customer focussed, by showing them how to cross functional, divisional or national borders and bridge gaps between the "cultures". We call this "bridging the cultural gap" because we look at the communications between various "cultural" relations:

o customer relations (supplier - customer cultures) - external
o interdepartmental and cross-functional cultures - internal
o professional cultures (engineers, accountants, sales…..) - interdisciplinary
o corporate cultures as in mergers, JVs, alliances, collaboration & partnerships
o national / ethnic cultures as in diversity issues or in international business


Many companies are addressing the challenges through a variety of programmes: executive coaching, team building, change management, organisational development training, or even diversity programmes. However individuals, teams and departments are not closed systems - they do not operate on their own but always need to interact with other individuals, teams and departments: they are open systems. Yet most programmes treat these as closed systems. Consequently, however good the programmes may be, they do not address the issue of the "gaps in between".

We focus on those gaps, on communicating across boundaries, whether these be individual, departmental, team, company or even national borders in international business. Our aim is to exploit existing energy flow from within borders and expand it beyond, creating an affluence of communication flow, and by reaching customers increase work flow and ultimately cash flow.

How we work with you

First we do a simple "cultural gap audit" and analysis to determine the key areas of concern. Then we jointly work out a plan to address the issues from various aspects, including creating a timetable. Finally we assist putting the plan into action through workshops, coaching, open space meetings, interim implementers and consulting services as jointly agreed in the plan.

This implementation stage is broken down into phases each with definable objectives which are then monitored to ensure progress. Regular reviews are also scheduled to check to see if the plan needs modification depending on the changing circumstances. Indeed progress is constantly monitored.

Our Unique Approach:

We use our intercultural expertise to look at the gaps between. Issues often revolve around how to deal with the gaps between cultures. We specialise in the most difficult form of cultural gap bridging, i.e. cross-cultural management in international business, and incorporate this expertise domestically to assist organisations in reconciling internal conflicts and creating collective momentum, synergy and innovation. We facilitate synergy across interdisciplinary, cross-functional and multi-cultural teams.

Our unique competitive advantage is founded on these three principles:
1. Long-term relationship with clients to understand needs and guarantee full customer satisfaction
2. No off the shelf solutions, but tailored to specific needs - always starting with a "gap audit"
3. No attempt to do everything ourselves, but bring in specialists, taking a holistic approach

Results / Outcomes:

For example we assisted an automotive manufacturer transferring a lean manufacturing technology to another country; they had no experience and know-how how to do this, and the 200 managers and supervisors training 2000 associates involved were poorly motivated. Through our intervention we not only enabled this to take place successfully, but at about half the time expected and budgeted (1 year instead of 2). This not only saved the company a fortune, but also transformed the company into a leader in such technology transfer projects elsewhere, giving it a new competitive edge.

"A true specialist, Francois' intimate knowledge and meticulous attention to detail proved to be the backbone of the project, saving us so much time and expense, and directing us immediately to our objectives" (James Bruckshaw, Managing Director, Marling)

"Able to cope with an impressive range and volume of inputs, retain an open mind and work steadily through to a practical set of recommendations" (Paul Mes, Director, BOSS Federation)


o Improved communication
o Reduced talent attrition
o Improved customer satisfaction
o Leverage from diverse workforce
o Increased flow (communication flow, work flow, cash flow)

By redirecting internal conflict to creating collective spirit, synergy and innovation, we can help you achieve better performance (more customers, higher sales) and productivity (efficiency). We help your people cooperate across boundaries and bridge cultural gaps. We facilitate communication flow to raise productivity, to achieve better performance and to reach the hearts of your clients by generating a spirit of innovation, joy and fulfilment.

What Now?

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