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ENTRY PAGE: From Communication Flow to Cash Flow

Main Service: Cooperation Across Borders

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Home Page: Bridging the Cultural Gap to Build Cooperation Across Borders

Cross-border Post-merger Integration

* Sub-site: Cross-border Post-Merger Integration (with own site map)

PowerPoint Presentation: Cross-border Integration (pps)

Intercultural Training

Innovation through multicultural teams (pdf file)

Menu of speeches, workshops & training (pdf file)

Relocating Successfully (pdf file)

Overseas Business Development and Turnarounds

Developing Growth in international markets

Enabling Growth through effective international communication

Autopoieisis (pdf file)

Results-based Consulting

International Management Assessment

IMA Brochure (pdf file)

Rationale behind IMA (pdf file)

PowerPoint Presentation: Introducing IMA (pps)

PowerPoint Presentation: Global Manager Selector (pps)

International Technology Transfer

'Toyota Production System' - Technology Transfer

GM-Suzuki CAMI Project (pdf file)

The Fluidity of Culture

Trainer Training & Development

International Executive Coaching

Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Localisation, Translation, Interpretation

On-line Languages World-wide

International Open Space Across Cultures

Intercultural Networking Forum (pdf file)

Japanese culture tips (pdf file)

Japanese language tips (pdf file)

Intercultural Consulting

What are Intercultural Managment Services

Sample cross-border consulting proposal (pdf file)

Sample Japan Workshop curriculum development (pdf file)

* Sub-site: Welcome to Transcultural Synergy (with own site map)

Corporate Language Training

Language Resources Japan

Relocation & Expatriation Support

Sample Relocation Training

International Marketing

* Sub-site: Route 2 Business Beyond Borders (with own site map)

Intercultural Speakers

Speaker Workshops and Facilitator

Speaker Workshops and Facilitator (pdf file)

Innovation Teams Workshop (pdf file)

Book Publication

A Philosophy of Peace

A Network of international Services

A Interdisciplinary Affiliation of Global Services

Our Mission and Vision of the Future

Synergy Group concept (pdf file)

What is Intercultural Management?

What are Cross-cultural Consultancy Services?

Presentation Downloads

Global Manager Selector (pps zip file)

International Management Assessment (pps zip file)

Cross-border Post-Merger Integration (pps zip file)

Transnational Business Turnaround (pps zip file)

Business Beyond Borders (pps zip file)

About Our Network and Transcultural Synergy

Founder Profile / biodata (pdf file)

Links to other intercultural sites of interest

Intercultural Articles and Publications

What are Corporate Cross-Cultural Consultancy Services?

Transnational Strategy Implications for Corporate Intercultural Consultants

The Generation of Odd and Even

Oriental - Occidental Business Values and Cultures

Chinese - American Business Values and Cultures

Top Cross-cultural Tips

Cultural Dimensions Overview

Cultural Values Overview

Cultural Dimensions in Chart Form

Prof. Hayashi's Organising Principles Diagrams

Prof. Hayashi's Organising Principles - Lecture transcript

Contacting Transcultural Synergy

Clients & Projects: A Wealth of Experience

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